Study tour insights report

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News | 29 April, 2024
A contingent of 40 people completed the inaugural Electricity Networks Aotearoa (ENA) study tour from 18-22 March 2024 in Adelaide, Australia. The delegation was made up of lines company Chairs, CEs and GMs and staff from ENA.

We have written an insights report including what we heard and the opportunities for New Zealand. Read our insights report here:


2024 study tour insights report


Some of the key insights from the study tour are:


  • Less pilots and more deployment – somewhere, someone around the world has probably already done what you need. Find it, adapt it, and get on with it.
  • Social licence is critical – we need to listen, involve, and start talking with (not to) consumers, and stop talking to ourselves.
  • We need to work together – it is not a competition – this means more standardisation and interoperability for electricity distribution networks.
  • Workforce – stop poaching and start growing our talent – we heard that some field staff in Australia can earn $180k per annum with overtime, and control room managers there can earn $250k per annum – and they are coming for our talent.
  • Our future is data – we will not be in the business of poles and cables; data and its collection and management are our future.


ENA plans to hold a study tour every second year. So, 2026 will be the next opportunity for EDB staff to get involved.