To help deliver on its direction, the Forum has three key workstreams:   

  • FNF Workstream 1 - Outreach - "Outreach with purpose"
  • FNF Workstream 2 - Strategic Context - "Exploring the future, clarifying context and setting direction"
  • FNF Workstream 3 - Aligned Solutions - "Delivering aligned solutions"


The Outreach workstream will develop a deliberate engagement and comms plan to increase understanding of consumers’ and stakeholders’ evolving needs and pain points in their interfaces with EDBs. The direction, development plans and solutions will be tested with other ENA working groups as well as relevant industry groups and stakeholders. The workstream will organise three ‘innovation forums’ per year. These are two-day forums to engage with the sector and have valuable kōrero about each of the projects and their progress. These are generally held in Wellington (with an online option).


The Strategic Context workstream will explore existing sector assumptions, inflexion points and potential 2050 scenarios, and build greater understanding of consumer and stakeholder segmentation and the decarbonisation journey. This workstream will also explore and agree the future roles and functions of EDBs in those scenarios.


The Aligned Solutions workstream will coordinate with EDBs, the EEA, retailers, flexibility providers, DG investors, Transpower and other stakeholders to develop aligned solutions that work for the whole system. These will be particularly focused on areas where consistency between EDBs is important.



A slide pack summarising FNF's overall objectives, structure and current activities can be viewed here.

Any representatives from EDBs seeking further information or wanting to express interest in participating in the FNF or attending its events should contact the FNF at