EDBs investment driver heatmap

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The ENA demand and investment drivers heatmap data has been gathered from EDBs using a simple survey. The data in the heatmap is their best estimation of some of the drivers of demand and the scale of network investment required to support it, over the coming three decades. As the data looks out further in to the future, there are significant uncertainties around these estimates, and users should bear this in mind. Users should refer to individual EDB Asset Management Plans (AMPs) for definitive information about specific EDB investment plans. These can be found on the relevant EDB's website.


Users should also be aware that the majority of the drivers identified here are a product of consumer choices (for example, purchase of EVs). This data should not therefore be interpreted as EDBs choosing which drivers to support, but rather their estimation of the technologies and behaviours consumers will adopt at what time and to what extent, and then their necessary response to support these.


Lastly, users should note that the estimated increases in network investment presented here should not be interpreted as directly corresponding to increases in network costs. While the two are related, there is not a one-to-one relationship between these.