Preparing for the climate challenge

News | 08 March, 2021

ENA has reviewed its structure so that it continues to deliver value to members and engages positively with stakeholders.

As part of the changes, ENA has created a new senior policy adviser role reporting to an expanded role of Manager, Policy and Innovation.

A key driver for the new and expanded roles are the increased opportunities to respond proactively to sector transformation, driven by technological change and consumer expectations.

For example the ENA’s Network Transformation Roadmap has created three work streams and is also responding to the Electricity Authority’s Open Networks work programme.  


The government is focussing on climate change, decarbonisation and sustainability, which is putting a greater onus on the ENA to coordinate strategic responses to key agencies.

In addition to expanding its capability to meet the decarbonisation and technology challenge, ENA has beefed up its ability to engage with regulators by the creation of a full-time regulatory manager role.

ENA chief executive Graeme Peters said the three new roles will position the ENA well for the challenges ahead, "and will give confidence to key stakeholders that the sector is positioning to meet the challenges and opportunities created by the climate agenda".