Introducing the Future Networks Forum

Formerly known as the ENA Smart Technology Working Group (STWG), the Future Networks Forum was launched in March 2023. With the STWG’s areas of interest and discussion having broadened considerably beyond simply ‘smart technology’, it was deemed appropriate to reset the focus and repurpose the group to best meet the needs of both consumers and the sector overall.


One of the key changes in the approach of the Future Networks Forum, co-chaired by Sam Elder (Orion) and James Tipping (Vector), will be to become as outward/sector-facing as it has been internal/electricity distribution business-facing, and to best work with sector partners to deliver the future consumers want.


While the STWG has enjoyed strong membership from a wide range of EDBs, the FNF is keen to grow its membership and ensure as many EDBs are represented as possible. Any EDB representatives keen to express an interest in participating in one or more of the three workstreams is welcome to do so at


A slide pack summarising FNF's overall objectives, structure and current activities can be viewed here.



Sam Elder (Orion New Zealand)

James Tipping (Vector)



Richard Le Gros (ENA)

Sophie Tulley (ENA)


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