Final pricing guidance report published

News | 17 August, 2017
ENA has published the final version of guidance on new pricing options for electricity distributors.

The technical guidance was prepared by members of the Electricity Network Association and based on feedback from stakeholders.


ENA would like to thank the two dozen submitters who presented their views on the draft guidance paper, published in late 2016. This feedback has been reviewed and incorporated where appropriate into the final document. Feedback from a Consumer New Zealand on-line survey has also been incorporated.


The paper encourages  distributors to consult with consumers and  their communities to understand consumer preferences in designing alternative pricing structures. Ultimately, any change in pricing structures will need to be informed by consumer preferences.


The paper help progress moves toward efficient network pricing, and is informed by the impact of technology and market changes on the broader energy sector. It is a stage in an ongoing process of change.


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