Electricity Networks Aotearoa (ENA) is helping deliver a low-carbon future for New Zealanders — a future based on reliable, safe and affordable electricity networks.


We represent all 27 lines companies which operate the poles and wires delivering electricity to every region across New Zealand. (See how we fit into the wider electricity system here.)


Our industry:

  • employs 10,000 people
  • delivers energy to more than two million homes and businesses
  • has spent or invested $8 billion in the last five years.


What we care about most is climate, customers and collaboration.


Climate — āhuarangi 

With our members, we’re creating tomorrow’s energy future by transforming how:


  • we run our infrastructure
  • deliver reliable electricity
  • consumers interact with their networks.


New Zealand is part of an exciting worldwide energy revolution to replace oil and gas with low-carbon alternatives to reduce the impacts of climate change. This transformation will need significantly more reliable and sustainable electricity to support homes and businesses.


For example, lines companies are following the path of ENA’s Network Transformation Roadmap to ensure they are prepared for dramatic change in electricity generation and use, while meeting the challenges of keeping the power system stable and affordable.


Customer — kiritaki

For the benefit of consumers, our members are updating their systems, processes and policies to smooth the connection of low-carbon generation to the national grid.


They’re making it easier for homes and businesses to adopt new smart technology, like solar panels, electric vehicles and battery storage that reduce emissions and protect our future.


And as customers adopt exciting new digital technologies, we’re working on new ways of paying so networks can deliver the pricing plans their customers want.


Collaboration — mahi ngātahi

Through working groups and forums, our members work collectively on ensuring they operate sustainable businesses that can continue to support customers now and into the future. And we actively advocate for the sector’s critical role in decarbonisation, reliability and safety, helping ensure the government makes the best energy choices for the long-term benefit of consumers.


Operating since 1997, we provide expert advice on industry matters and work to enhance the industry's reputation with customers and the communities it serves.


New Zealand has a world-leading energy system. We want to keep it that way and continue to improve it, meeting the challenge of net carbon zero electricity generation by 2030, and net carbon zero New Zealand by 2050.


We’re actively planning and investing to ensure we meet these ambitious goals. This is what we do, we’re on the job, and we will deliver.


ENA strategy 

Our strategic plan is set for the next three years, starting FY 2023/24. It sets out our key priorities and direction to support the electricity distribution sector in the transition to a low-carbon, electrified economy for New Zealand.

View our current business strategy.