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Over 20 submissions have been received from industry stakeholders on the new lines pricing options paper, with submissions closing on 20 December. To read submissions and an aggregated summary of responses to the questionnaire, click here.

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Consumers will have more control over their power bills with a new approach to pricing from distributors, the Electricity Networks Association says.

New technologies and customers’ changing energy needs are testing methods of providing electricity to consumers and raising questions about how to fund a high-reliability network in future.

An ENA working group on future pricing is looking at distribution pricing options for new guidelines it is preparing for its network company membership.



The Electricity Networks Association has today welcomed the Government’s measures to increase the number of electric vehicles on New Zealand’s roads.

Graeme Peters, chief executive said: “We will be watching with interest how the Government supports the development and roll out of public charging infrastructure. Our members are well and truly doing their bit with the installation of charging points from one end of the country to the other.

“They have installed 40 public chargers, most of those in the past year, and there are plans to put in another 100 chargers across the country within the next year. This will ease range anxiety and hopefully assure people thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle that there is the infrastructure in place to support their decision.”

Mr Peters said the range of measures were a good start to providing incentives for the general public and vehicle fleet buyers. “The extension of the road user charges exemption and allowing electric vehicles to use bus and high-occupany vehicle lanes in the state highway network are a good move. This will save motorists both time, particularly in often grid locked cities like Auckland, and money.

“Let’s get the electric vehicle revolution going.  Our members are playing their part, it’s good to see the Government doing it’s bit. More can be done. One thing the Government needs to look at is the fringe benefit tax arrangements for electric vehicles. Sorting that out will definitely encourage company fleet buyers to purchase EVs.

“Electric vehicles have huge potential and offer not only environmental benefits, but economic and health benefits for New Zealand and its people. We all have a vital role to play in this EV revolution.”

Date: 24 June 2016